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Adolf Gross



Adolf, my 2X Great Grand Father was born in Dubi, Bohemia, Czech on 1823 as a first child of 7.

Based on his Marriage Record i found here, Adolf Gross was married to Cäcilia König in Prague, May 1st 1870. The wedding was witnessed by Markus Gross and Ignaz Gross (no proof yet, but i think Ignaz was our relative).


Cäcilia was born in Raudnitz, Bohemia, Czech on February 24th 1846 to Josepin Goppert. I can’t read her father’s name, looks like Moritz König but i’m not sure yet. I found her birth record here and here.

The couple had 1 son, Emil Gross (I) , which is my Great Grand Father. Emil Gross (I) was born in Prague, on April 7th 1871.


Sadly, i found Cäcilia König’s death record here. She passed away because of Typhus in Humpolec on February 16th 1875, when Emil Gross (I) was only 4 years old. I’m still researching where she was buried.

Adolf Gross did not remaried after he lost Cäcilia König. He passed away in Dubi, Bohemia, Czech on July 28 1898 because of Chronic Kidney Disease.




He was buried on July 31st 1898 at New Jewish Cemetery, Praha 3 Zizkov. I found his Burial Record here and here.


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