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Family Heirloom

Some of us are Lucky to have Family Heirlooms passed down throughout the generations. What is your most favorite & treasured Heirloom ?

Mine is my Maternal Grand Mother’s Wedding Band. My Mother gave it to me couple years ago. But for a long time, i just keep it safe in my Drawer together with my other accesories and almost forget about it. . Since i felt in love with Genealogy, i felt in love with the Wedding Band too. And now, it’s always on my finger. Somehow, it make me feel close to her. To my Grand Mother i only got the chance to meet a couple times..She passed away when i was 8.

Other Heirloom i also got from her are Earings. But this, i better keep it safe in my drawer. I really don’t want to loose it.

Photos are also Heirlooms for me. As those photos are the true evidence of their life. And most of all, i can imagine how they look, and who of their descendants have their look.


Cemeteries · Genealogy · New Jewish Cemetery Prague

New Jewish Cemetery

The New Jewish Cemetery (Czech: Nový židovský hřbitov) in Žižkov, Prague, Czech Republic, was established in 1891 to relieve the space problem at the Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague. It is about 10 times bigger than the Old Jewish Cemetery and provides space for approximately 100,000 graves, therefore having the capacity to serve for a whole century. There is also a specially designated area for urns, though the Jewish tradition does not allow cremation. The cemetery is still in use today and operated by the Jewish Community in Prague.

I found that my 2X Great Grand Father Adolf Gross was buried there. Here is his burial record i found at Jewish Gen 



The New Jewish Cemetery Address is :

Izraelská 712/1 130 00.  Praha 3 – Zizkov, Czech Republic\

Phone : +420 224 800 812

Cemeteries · Genealogy · Olsany Cemetery

Olšany Cemetery

Olšany Cemetery (Olšanské Hřbitovy in Czech), was established in 1680 to accomodate Plague victims who died en masse in Prague and needed to be buried quickly. Olšany Cemetery is the Largest Graveyard in Prague, Czech Republic. The graveyard is particularly noted for its many remarkable Art Nouveau monuments.

My Mother told me that all of Hamšik Family was buried here :

Olsany Cemetery address is :

Vinohradská 1835/153, 130 00. Praha 3, Czech

Phone : +420 267 310 652

Cemeteries · Genealogy · Malvazinky Cemetery

Malvazinky Cemetery

The Cemetery was built on the original Farm Estate Malvazinka in 1876, and in its time it was second Biggest Cemetery after Olšany

My Mother told me, that all of Gross Family was buried in Malvazinky Cemetery :

RIP - Emil Gross jr, Emilie (Grossova) Ebrova, Marie (Grossova) Sedlackova

The Address of Malvazinky Cemetery is :

U Smíchovského Hřbitova 1, 150 00. Praha 5, Czech

Phone : +420 251 566 684

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Marie Grossová

Marie (Grossova) Sedlackova

Marie Grossová was my Grand Aunty, my Grand Father’s older sister. She was born in Prague, on February 28th, 1902 as the 2nd child of 4 to Emil Gross (II) & Marie Rozumberská.

She had 1 older sister : Emilie Grossová (1901), and 2 younger brothers : Emil Gross (II) & František Gross.

Marie Grossová started her Career as an Actrees

All of Me · Genealogy · My Family

All of Me

Monica Oemardi - 1 week - June 1974

I was born on June 16th, 1974 in Jakarta, Indonesia as a 1st child to Oemardi & Věra Grossová. A mix couple of Indonesian & Czech.

Monica, Alena (Hamsikova) Goldbachova, Vera (Grossova) Oemardi, Oemardi, Vera (Hamsikova) Grossova

This is how i remember my Grand Mother Věra Hamšiková (the one sitting beside my Father). As i lived in Indonesia and she lived in Czech, i only meet her a couple times before she passed away in 1982 when i was 8 years old. And sadly, she was the only Grand Parent i got the chance to meet.

Monica 12 -

I used to love dancing when i was a kid. This is me dancing Balineese Dance.

Genealogy · My Family · My Father



PF 01_preview

This is my Father, Oemardi. An Indonesian man born at Bandung, West Java on March 11th, 1930 as 3rd child of 4 to Dharmopranoto & Siti Minah.

He had 2 older sisters : Soekarni Dharmopramoto (1926) & Soeprapti Dharmopranoto (1928). And 1 younger sister : Mukilah Heriniati Dharmopranoto (1936 – 2006).

Oemardi served in the Indonesian Army from 1950 to 1970, when he married my Mother. Because at that time Army Officers were not allowed to marry a foreigner.

FM 01_preview


My Father led the Indonesian Independence Day ceremony as a Military Attache at Czechoslovakia , 1969 :

Oemardi 02 - 17.8.1969


This is Visible Honour awarded by Indonesian 1st President, Soekarno :

Tanda Jasa Pahlawan


He married my Mother on August 30th, 1972. Here is their Marriage Certificate :

Vera Grossova & Oemardi - Oddaci List - 30.8.1972


He was my True Hero..

Monique n Papi

My Father passed away in March 11th, 2018 at age 88. He would be forever missed.

Ancestors · Family History · Genealogy · Occupation

Making A Living

What was your Ancester’s Occupation ? How did the made a living in 1800s ? 1700s?

I made a little compilation i transcribe from my family records. I will update this Post every time i got new fact.

1. Vyměnik :

  • Tomas Kovar

2. Rolnik (= Farmer. Peasant Farmer, had Land, Horses, Live Stock. AKA Sedlak) :

  • Jiři Hamšik

3. Zamecnik :

  • Karel Hamšik

4. Sedlak (= Farmer. Peasant Farmer, had Land, Horses, Live Stock) :

  • Bohumil Bodesinsky

5. Krejci (= Tailor) :

  • Josef Řiha

6. Drogista (= Chemist) :

  • Emil Gross (II)

7. Prodavacka (= Shop Assistant, Sales Lady) :

  • Věra Hamsiková

8. Domaci Hospodar :

  • Marie Řihová

9. Cedlar – Urednik :

  • Josef Řiha (II)

10. Sluzebna :

  • Anna Řihová
Ancestors · Genealogy · Hamsik Family

Věra Hamšiková

Vera (Hamsikova) Grossova 01

Věra Hamšiková was my Grand Mother from my Mother’s Maternal side. She was the only Grand Mother i got the chance to meet even only a couple times, since she lived in Czech and i lived in Indonesia.

Věra Hamšiková was born in Pražke Předměsti, Hradec Kralove, Prague on June 23rd, 1918. Here is her Birth Certificate my Mother gave me :

Rodny List Vera (Hamsikova) Grossova


She was the 2nd child of 4 to Karel Hamšik (I) and Anna Bodesinská. This is her Family Tree :

Vera Hamsikova Family Tree


Věra Hamšiková was married to Emil Gross (II) in Prague, om December 20th, 1946 and had 1 daughter, Věra Grossová which is my Mother.

emil gross jr & vera (hamsikova) grossova (2) - 1946-2093819344..jpg


















Here is their Marriage Certificate :

Odaci List Emil Gross & Vera (Hamsikova) Grossova

Odaci List Emil Gross & Vera (Hamsikova) Grossova - 2

































Věra Hamšiková passed away on December 28th, 1982 in Prague. Here is her Death Certificate :

Surat Kematian Oma

Surat Kematian Oma2