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Emil Gross (I)


Gross Family
My Great Grand Parents


Emil Gross (I) was born in Prague, April 7th 1871. He was my Great grand Father. Here is his birth Record. He had Circumcision ceremony on April 14th, 1871.


My Mother always told me that Emil Gross (I) was raised in a Catholic Orphanage, and didn’t knew he was a Jew until some SS officers found his records and told him before WW2, just before the Holocaust tragedy. He was lucky that he was married with my Great Grand Mother who was a Catholic Czech. So he was not transported to Terezin, although he still had to use that Yellow Star on his clothes, and treated just like any other Jewish at that time.

The mystery about -why he was raised in a Catholic Orphanage- was answered when i found his mother’s Death Record here. She passed away because of Typhus in Humpolec on February 16th 1875, when Emil Gross (I) was only 4 years old. So, i assume that Adolf couldn’t took care of Emil Gross (I) and put him to the Orphanage.



Emil Gross (I) was married to Marie Rožumberská. Marriage date still unknown. The couple had 4 children :

  1. Emilie Grossová (1901). She was than married to Jaroslav Ebr and had no children.
  2. Marie Grossová (February 28th, 1902). She was a Czech Actrees, later married to Jiri Sedlacek (an Actor & Movie Director) on 1929, but they divorced on 1931 without children. She passed away in Prague on June 28th, 1972.
  3. Emil Gross (II) , born on February 10th, 1903. He was my Grand Father.
  4. Frantisek Gross. Later married to Olinka and had 2 daughters, Lida Grossová & Helena Grossová.


Some other Records i found are :

  1. Conscriptions Applications for Residence Permit of Prague Police Headquarters (1850 – 1914)
  2. Conscriptions Applications for Residence Permit of Prague Police Headquarters (1850 – 1914)

Emil Gross (I) passed away in Prague, 1946 and was buried at Malvazinky Cemetery.