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Emil Gross (II)

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This handsome man is Emil Gross (II). He was my Grand Father i never got a chance to meet. Son of Emil Gross (I) & Marie Rožumberská.

Emil Gross (II) was born in Prague on February 10th, 1903 as a 3rd child of 4. In his young age, he used to live in Nikolajka Street, Prague. My Mother gave me a lot of his father’s Post Cards from his best friend , addressed to Nikolajka Street. This is one of those Post Cards :

Post Card Emil Gross 13 - 14.3.19


As i never got a chance to meet him, his Pictures and those Post Cards are a special way i can feel close to him. I cherished them so much. And some times i think, how nice it is that his descendants can actually hold his Post Cards. What will our descendants keep of us in this digital era ?

Emil Gross (II) was married to Věra Hamšiková on December 20th, 1946. My Mother gave me her parents Marriage Certificate :

Odaci List Emil Gross & Vera (Hamsikova) Grossova

Odaci List Emil Gross & Vera (Hamsikova) Grossova - 2


Emil Gross (I) & Věra Hamšiková’s Wedding Picture :

emil gross jr & vera (hamsikova) grossova (2) - 1946-2093819344..jpg


Emil Gross (II) was 48 years old when his only daughter was born on January 6th, 1951. She is my Mother, Věra Grossová. I’m planning to ask my Mother to tell me her memories about her father. And i will update this page later.

My Grand Father passed away on March 9th, 1964. Here are his Death Records :

Surat Kematian Opa

Surat Kematian Opa2

He was buried at Malvazinky Cemetery, Praha.