Gross Family

Tracing a Family Roots

When you have a lot of names of your Ancestors.. with a lot more mysteries about them..

When you start searching for more names and their history..

When you start finding pieces of an unsolved Puzzle of your Family Roots..

That’s when you fall in love about all of Genealogy digging.

It’s not an easy work though, just to find one correct record which you believe belongs to your Ancestors, you need to work really hard.. read those records one by one.

Especially with the old type of scripts and language, that you don’t even knew before.

Finding the right one record would be much more harder when you don’t know their existing village or town. Not to mention about the Districts.

In my case, finding my Ancestors from Czech is quite difficult for me as this country had changed it’s name several times. Not knowing which part was Bohemia & Moravia was also one thing I had to work with.

But after three months learning about Genealogy, one by one mystery is solved. But than again, you could hardly stop. Because the more you find, the more you want to search for another names and facts.

So here it is. Our last GROSS Family. From Czech and Indonesia.

Too bad, there will be no more Gross surname using in my family, as all of Emil Gross (Junior) ‘s grand children are females. And probably using their husband’s surname.

This is a story of our Gross Family. A link to the Past and a bridge to our future.