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Karel Hamsik (I) was my Great Grand Father from my Mother’s Maternal side. Son of Jiři Hamšik (I) & Terezia Kovarová. Later married to Anna Bodesinská , and had 4 children :

  1. Karel Hamšik (II). Later married Marie and had 2 children , Pavel Hamšik & Hana Hamšiková. I assume they were born around 1950s.  I will write about them in other Post.
  2. Věra Hamšiková. Born on June 23rd, 1918 in Prague. She was my Grand Mother. The only Grand Mother i met, even only a couple times. She was married to Emil Gross (II). I will write more about her in other Post.
  3. František Hamšik. Married to Anezka and had 2 daughters, Věra Hamšiková & Alena Hamšiková.
  4. Hugo Hamšik. Later married to Josefa and had 2 sons, Karel Hamšik (III) & Jiři Hamšik (II).