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Věra Hamšiková

Vera (Hamsikova) Grossova 01

Věra Hamšiková was my Grand Mother from my Mother’s Maternal side. She was the only Grand Mother i got the chance to meet even only a couple times, since she lived in Czech and i lived in Indonesia.

Věra Hamšiková was born in Pražke Předměsti, Hradec Kralove, Prague on June 23rd, 1918. Here is her Birth Certificate my Mother gave me :

Rodny List Vera (Hamsikova) Grossova


She was the 2nd child of 4 to Karel Hamšik (I) and Anna Bodesinská. This is her Family Tree :

Vera Hamsikova Family Tree


Věra Hamšiková was married to Emil Gross (II) in Prague, om December 20th, 1946 and had 1 daughter, Věra Grossová which is my Mother.

emil gross jr & vera (hamsikova) grossova (2) - 1946-2093819344..jpg


















Here is their Marriage Certificate :

Odaci List Emil Gross & Vera (Hamsikova) Grossova

Odaci List Emil Gross & Vera (Hamsikova) Grossova - 2

































Věra Hamšiková passed away on December 28th, 1982 in Prague. Here is her Death Certificate :

Surat Kematian Oma

Surat Kematian Oma2

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