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Marie Řihová

Vera Hamsikova Family Tree


Marie Rihova was born in Vysike Myto, Bohemia, Austria on December 27th, 1859. According to my Grand Mother Věra Hamšiková‘s Birth Certificate, she was my Great Grand Mother.

Rodny List Vera (Hamsikova) Grossova 2

She was the 2nd child of 7 to Josef Řiha & Marie. She had 6 siblings :

  1. Anna Řihová     (November 2nd, 1858 – Vysoke Myto, Bohemia, Austria)
  2. Josefa Řihová    (February 16th, 1861 – Vysoke Myto, Bohemia, Austria)
  3. Josef Řihá (II)    (January 29th, 1865 – Vysoke Myto, Bohemia, Austria)
  4. Antonie Řihová (May 2nd, 1867 – Vysoke Myto, Bohemia, Austria)
  5. Jiřina Řihová     (April 24th, 1872 – Vysoke Myto, Bohemia, Austria)
  6. Ružena Řihová  (March 3rd, 1877 – Vysoke Myto, Bohemia, Austria)

Josef Riha & Family 2


Marie Řihová was married to Bohumil Bodesinsky, and had 2 daughters (as far as i know for now) :

  1. Marie Bodesinká (November 24th, 1879 – Vysoke Myto, Bohemia, Austria)
  2. Anna Bodesinská. She was my Great Grand Mother.

This is a Record i found about Marie Řihová :


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