Genealogy Travel

Planning for my Genealogy Travel

I was always Proud to be Half Czech. To have Czech Blood in me. Czech had always been my 2nd home. But the distance between Indonesia and Czech make it not so easy for me to “Come Home”. Especially after having 3 young age kids. Last time i travelled to Czech was in 1992. Quite a very long time, i know..

This month is going to be very special for me. Yes, in 5 days i will finally fly to Czech. By my own. After 26 years !!. But this time, it’s not going to be “Just an ordinary travel”. This time, it would be my 1st Geneology Travel.

As i mentioned before, i started to research my Family Genealogy shortly after my Father passed away in March, 2018. I was like a zombie sitting in front of my computer every single day, researching my Ancestors. My Mother only gave me a few documents from my Grand Parents. And so i really start scratching and digging from zero.

Until one day i tell my self, this is the right time to go for Genealogy Travel. Kids are starting school, my Brother live with me so he could take care of them when i leave them. Their Father will also come every week so i made a decission to go.

With a couple records i found on internet (Some of them were given by Pani Lenka Matusikova from National Archive) , some vintage Family Pictures and some living Relative in Prague, i started to make a Plan. Where to go, what to see, who to meet, what to research in Libraries and other sources. I really want to know deeper about my Ancestors. Where they lived, visiting their villages and cemeteries, trying to figure out my Czech Roots IN and OUT. I need to fill some blank names on my Family Tree. I need to know my Family History. I’m doing this not only for me. But also for my descendants. So they wouldn’t have to search from zero to find out their Roots.

Suitcase packed. Some gifts for my family and relatives are ready. A lot of research papers already packed also. And now..i’m just preparing myself. My mood.. my goals. This is not going to be easy. But the “Detective Feeling” inside me is already waken.

I can’t hardly wait !! I will Travel to my Past..