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Anna Bodesinská



Anna Bodesinská is my Great Grand Mother, from my Mother’s Maternal side. She was the 2nd child to Bohumil Bodesinsky & Marie Řihová. She had one sister, Marie Bodesinská who was born on November 24, 1879.


Anna Bodesinská was married to Karel Hamšik (I), and had 4 children :

  1. Karel Hamšik (II). Later married Marie and had 2 children , Pavel Hamšik & Hana Hamšiková.  I assume they were born around 1950s.  I will write about them in other Post.
  2. Věra Hamšiková. Born on June 23rd, 1918 in Prague. She was my Grand Mother. The only Grand Mother i met, even only a couple times. She was married to Emil Gross (II). I will write more about her in other Post.
  3. František Hamśik. Married to Anezka and had 2 daughters, Věra Hamšiková & Alena Hamšiková.
  4. Hugo Hamšik. Later married to Josefa and had 2 sons, Karel Hamšik (III) & Jiři Hamšik (II).
Ancestors · Bodesinsky Family · Genealogy

Bohumil Bodesinsky

Vera Hamsikova Family Tree


Bohumil Bodesinsky was born in Bohemia, Austria on November 27th, 1856.

Based to  my Grand Mother Věra Hamšiková‘s Birth Certificate, he was my 2X Great Grand Father from my Mother’s Maternal side.

Rodny List Vera (Hamsikova) Grossova 2

Bohumil Bodesinski was married to Marie Řihová, and had 2 daughters (as far as i know for now) :

  1. Marie Bodesinská (November 24, 1879 – Vysoke Myto, Bohemia, Austria)
  2. Anna Bodesinská. She was my Great Grand Mother