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Markus Gross

Markus Gross

Markus Gross, is my 3X Great Father.

Based on those records i found, he was born in Vilemov, Bohemia, Czech in 1802.  His Parents are still unknown until i type this. But i will update later, when i found any information about them.

Markus Gross was married to Veronika Fischer who was born in 1804, and passed away in Humpolec, June 6th 1888.

They had 7 children :

  1. Adolf Gross (1823 – 1898)
  2. Jakob Gross
  3. Franziska Gross – later married someone Hahn (1839)
  4. Simon Gross (1842)
  5. Moritz or Moses Gross (1844)
  6. Rosalina Gross (1846)
  7. Karolina Gross (1849)

Adolf Gross is my 2X Great Grand Father.  I’m still searching for his siblings records, but only got Karolina’s Burial Record so far.

Markus Gross Founded Files

  1. Index to the register of Births of Jewish community in Humpolec 1784 – 1839 (which is not preserved now), where Adolf Gross and his father Markus Gross are mentioned 
  2. Index to register of Births of Jewish Community in Humpolec 1839 – 1898, where Markus Gross and his other children are mentioned)
  3. Conscriptions Applications for Residence Permit of Prague Police Headquarters (1850 – 1914)
  4. Conscriptions Application for Residence Permit of Prague Police Headquarters (1850 – 1914)