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Family Heirloom

Some of us are Lucky to have Family Heirlooms passed down throughout the generations. What is your most favorite & treasured Heirloom ?

Mine is my Maternal Grand Mother’s Wedding Band. My Mother gave it to me couple years ago. But for a long time, i just keep it safe in my Drawer together with my other accesories and almost forget about it. . Since i felt in love with Genealogy, i felt in love with the Wedding Band too. And now, it’s always on my finger. Somehow, it make me feel close to her. To my Grand Mother i only got the chance to meet a couple times..She passed away when i was 8.

Other Heirloom i also got from her are Earings. But this, i better keep it safe in my drawer. I really don’t want to loose it.

Photos are also Heirlooms for me. As those photos are the true evidence of their life. And most of all, i can imagine how they look, and who of their descendants have their look.