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The Genealogy Journey Begins

Welcome , Thanks for joining Our Family Genealogy Journey..


3 Generation Picture
My Grand Mother Vera Hamsikova, My Mother Vera Grossova, My Father Oemardi, and Little Me.


Shortly after my Father passed away on March 2018, i started to think.
Who i really am.
All i know about my Father’s Parents are only their names and graves.
No picture, no stories, nothing.
And to make it worst, there are no Online Records in Indonesia (yet).
He was the 3rd child or 4, and the last one who deceased.
So as he passed away, the Living Library was gone.

So i thought, i better leave his family behind for now, and start with my Mother’s family.

I’m not a Genealogist.
I’m really new with this.
But if no one from my family ever had a Family Bible, or willing to look for any information about our Ancestors, i think this is the good time for me to start.

My kids should know their Family History. And so they can tell it to their children, grand children, and hopefully, to my next descendants.

I have to preserved Our Family History.

“We don’t own our Family History. We simply preserve it for the Next Generation” – Rosemary Alva

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