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Louisa Charlotte


One of the Greatest gifts I’ve ever gotten is My Daughter: – Ace Frehley

Yes, True. My Daughter is my Greatest Gift. My Angel, My Proud, My Strength..

IMG_3393 kcil

Here is my Louisa. My last edition. My 3rd born. She was born on November 3rd, 2008 at Pondok Indah Hospital. 3 years appart from her sister. She weighs 3400 gram and 49 cm long.

Her full name is Louisa Charlotte Putri Wijaya. Also like her sister’s name, it was given by both of her Grand Mothers. Louisa Charlotte from My Mother, and Putri from my Mother In Law. Wijaya is her father’s name.

Louisa was always her sister’s copycat. She always wanted to do everything like her sister. Not because she wanted to compite her, but mostly because she wanted to be a part of Nicolle’s activity.

So when Nicolle was doing Ballet, she wanted Ballet too..

532270_10151006737739131_1656271691_n  541714_10151006733874131_1292738646_n


She was active in Marching Band from Kindergarten to Elementary. This is the only school activities she didn’t copycat her sister.




In 4th Grade, she decided to start Gymnastic like her Sister

IMG-20180626-WA0070 IMG-20180404-WA0007


And just like her sister, she enrolled for Taekwondo at the same time too..



She is my Miss Singing, Miss Happy girl, Miss Active girl turning 10 soon.

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